As a member of the Brighton you have the opportunity to take part in club, county and national competitions. We currently have a league side that plays weekly fixtures against other clubs in the Brighton and Hove District League. If you wish to be selected for the league side please talk to Jeff Hutson and he will be able to tell you more.

If you would like to take part in club competitions or are unsure of any of the rules, then please speak to John Westgate, the Competitions Secretary

2019 Club Winners & Runners-up

Singles ChampionshipRoy GibbsJohn Westgate
Ladies ChampionshipJanet HarrisLynda Finnis
Singles HandicapRoy GibbsJohn Hill
Two-Wood HandicapHoward FunnellPam Fowle
Mutual PairsMike Finnis &
Roy Gibbs
Howard Funnell & John Westgate
Mixed Drawn PairsDavid Nealer & Carol FunnellJohn Woodhouse & Janet Harris
100-Up SinglesRoy GibbsJohn Westgate
Walker CupSallie EvansAnn Nealer
Purbrook CupPam CollinsJohn Westgate
  • Ludorum Trophy –       Roy Gibbs
  • Don Bristow Trophy – David Gilbert
  • Chris Elleker Trophy – Roy Edwards

Competitions Secretary: John Westgate