Fixtures for 2019/20

All fixtures are weather permitting. If you are in any doubt please contact Howard FunnellĀ (Captain)

DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchFor Against
Saturday20 April2pmPRESIDENT v CAPTAINHomeFriendly
Wednesday24 April2pmPeacehaven & TelscombeAway5 Rinks
Saturday27 April2pmNewhavenNOW AWAY4 Rinks
Tuesday30 April2pmMackie (Purbrook Cup) 1st LegNOW AWAY4 Rinks
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Saturday4 May2pmVicarageNOW AWAY4 Triples
Wednesday8 May2pmCrouchNOW AWAY5 Triples
Saturday11 May2pmLancingAway4 Rinks
Tuesday14 May6pm'A' v THE DRIVEAway3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday15 May2pmLewesAway5 Rinks
Friday17 May2pmSussex Vice-PresidentsHome 6 Rinks
Saturday18 May2pmSeaford Away4 Triples
Tuesday21 May2pmMackie LadiesNOW AWAY3 Triples
Tuesday 21 May6pm'A' v PRESTONHome3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday 22 May2pmHove & KingswayAway5 Triples
Thursday23 May2pmHenfieldHome5 Triples
Saturday25 May2pmWoodingdeanHome6 Rinks
Tuesday28 May6pm'A' v SHOREHAMAway3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday29 May2.30pmSouthwick ParkAway5 Triples
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Saturday1 June2pm AdastraHome5 Triples
Tuesday4 June6pm'A' v LANCINGHome3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday5 June2pmPeacehaven & TelescombeHome5 Rinks
Thursday6 June2pmRottingdeanHome5 Rinks
Saturday8 JuneInternal Club Competitions
Tuesday11 June6pm'A' v PEACEHAVENHome3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday12 June2pmHollingbury ParkHome5 Triples
Thursday13 June2pmBurgess HillHome4 Rinks
Saturday15 June2:30pmHurstpierpoint Away5 Triples
Tuesday18 June6pm'A' v THE DRIVE Home3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday19 June2pmSouthwick ParkHome5 Triples
Thursday20 June2pmHandcrossAway4 Triples
Saturday22 June2pmShorehamHome4 Rinks
Tuesday25 June6pm'A' v PRESTONAway3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday26 June2pmThe Drive (Mann Cup-1st Leg)Away5 Triples
Saturday29 June10.30amCLUB DRIVE & BUFFETHome
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Tuesday2 July6pm'A' v SHOREHAMHome3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday3 July2pmThe Drive (Mann Cup-2nd Leg)Home5 Triples
Thursday 4 July2pmBurgess HillAway4 Rinks
Saturday6 July2pmWoodingdeanAway6 Rinks
Tuesday9 July6pm'A' v LANCINGAway3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday10 July2pmRottingdeanAway5 Rinks
Saturday13 JulyInternal Club CompetitionsHome
Monday15 July2pmHangleton (Purbrook Cup) 2nd LegHome4 Rinks
Wednesday17 July2pmMackie (Purbrook Cup-2nd Leg)Home4 Rinks
Thursday 18 July6pmCLUB FISH & CHIP SUPPERHome
Saturday20 July2pmInternal Club CompetitionsHome
Tuesday23 July6pm'A' v PEACEHAVENHome3 Rinks (League)
Wednesday24 July2pmHandcrossHome4 Triples
Saturday27 July2pmSaltdeanAway5 Triples
Wednesday31 July2pmNewhavenAway 4 Rinks
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Thursday1 August2pmNewhavenAway4 Rinks
Saturday3 August2pmInternal Club CompetitionsHome
Wednesday7 August2pmSaltdeanHome5 Triples
Thursday8 August2pmHollingbury ParkAway5 Triples
Saturday10 August2pmAdastraAway5 Triples
Wednesday14 August2pmHurstpierpointHome5 Triples
Saturday17 August2pmSteyningAway4 Triples
Wednesday21 August2.30pmPrestonAway5 Rinks
Thursday22 August2pmVicarageHome4 Triples
Saturday24 August2pmPortsladeHome4 Triples
Wednesday28 August2pmChichesterHome6 Triples
Saturday31 August10amCLUB FINALS
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Saturday1 September10amCLUB FINALS DAYHome
Tuesday3 September2pmHaywards Heath & Beech HurstAway4 Triples
Saturday7 September2pmHove & KingswayHome5 Triples
Wednesday 11 September2pmShorehamAway4 Rinks
Saturday14 September2pmRingmerHome4 Triples
Sunday15 September2pmHenfieldAway5 Triples
Wednesday18 September2pmPrestonHome5 Rinks
Thursday19 September2pmPortsladeAway4 Triples
Saturday21 September2pmCAPTAIN v PRESIDENTHome
DayDateTimeClubHome or AwayMatchForAgainst
Friday25 October7pmANNUAL DINNER (at Preston IBC)
Friday8 November2pmPhoenix (whites at Denton IBC)Away (Denton)5 Rinks
Friday19 November7.30pmAGM (at West Blatchington Windmill)
Saturday23 November6pmPreston IBC (Greys) Fish & Chip SupperAway (Preston IBC)6 Rinks
Tuesday10 December2pmDenton Island (Greys)Away (Denton)6 Triples
Friday17 January 20202pmPhoenix (whites) at Denton IBCAway (Denton)5 Rinks
Friday28 February 2pmShoreham (whites) (at Adur IBC)Away (Adur)4 Rinks
Friday27 March2pmShoreham (whites) (at Adur IBC)Away (Adur)4 Rinks

Dress code for matches

  • Inter-club matches – All whites
  • League matches – Greys
  • Club meetings – Greys
  • Finals Day – All whites
  • All other occasions – Greys

Regulation bowling shoes at all times