Meet the committee

The Committee meet almost every month and are always keen to hear about new ideas. We are lucky to have an active committee membership who have the skills required in administrating our club. However, we are always looking for keen and enthusiastic members to strength the team. If there is something that as a club we can do better then please speak to one of the committee and we will try our best to raise it at the next meeting.

Executive committee members

Peter Fowle
Peter FowlePresident
John Colban
John ColbanVice-President
Howard Funnell
Howard FunnellCaptain
Kathryn Hutson
Kathryn HutsonVice-captain
Roy Gibbs
Roy GibbsVice-captain
David Nealer
David NealerHon. Secretary
Mary Woolley
Mary WoolleyHon. Treasurer
Pam Fowle
Pam FowleHon. Match Secretary


Supportive roles

  • Welfare Officer: Pat Avard
  • Delegate to S.C.B.A.: D. W. Jackson
  • Delegate to S.C.W.B.A: Kathryn Hutson
  • Delegate to B.H. & D.B.L: J. Hutson
  • Delegate to B.H. & D.W.B.L: Kathryn Hutson
  • Hon. Examiner(Finances): Reg Squire
  • J. Hutson, R.J. Treslove, J. Woodhouse